Photo credits include: Louis Stein, SooA Kim, Andrew Cohen, Katy Fetrow, Brian Tao, Jeffery Li, Sophie Chen, and Lunar Gala

Tiger at the Gates

COMPOSER / Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

"Tiger at the Gates" was originally written in French by Jean Giraudoux in 1935 titled "The Trojan War Will Not Take Place." Christopher Fry translated the play and changed the title in 1955 creating the piece we know today. This production focused on making this ancient story timeless and modern. The composition accomplished this by using classical instruments with modern techniques. 

"William Lowe's score is mesmerizing."

          - The Pittsburgh Current

In their climactic confrontation, Ulysses tells Hector the conversation is "a duet before the full orchestra" - sparring before the inevitable war. Therefore I maintain a thinner orchestration to represent Andromache, Cassandra, and Hector's state of denial about the advent of the Trojan War. 

[1] Overture.mp3
[2] Peace.mp3
[3] Entr'acte.mp3
[4] Greek Anthem.mp3
[A] Priam's Theme.mp3
[B] Helen Theme.mp3
[C] Helen & Hector.mp3
[D] Oration for the Dead.mp3
Director: Gary Logan
Scenic Designer: Vivienne Liu
Costume Designer: Jessica Cronin
Sound Designer: Travis Joseph Wright
Lighting Designer: John A. Mitchell
Media Designer: SooA Kim
Sheet Music for flute recording
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