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Using Izotope's RX7 to clean recordings for episode 4 of A Dyke and a Drag Queen Survive the End of Days.
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A Dyke and a Drag Queen Survive the End of Days by @dandylikecandy_
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Episodes 4-6 coming soon!!
8-track Recording using #cockosreaper at @cmudrama with @cmumusic
Tiger at the Gates with @cmudrama • I composed for the show with @travis.joseph.wright doing sound design. Christopher Jovanelli created this fantastic promotion video for the show!
Happy closing to Earthrise this past weekend! Assisted Christopher Baine at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. 
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A/B Machines at @cmudrama directed and adapted by @philipwgates
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Scenic Design: @katyfet
Costume Design: @lolosan_
Lightning Design: Ying Huo
Media Design: @giada1198
Dramaturgy: @dumas_ryan
Photo credits include: Louis Stein, SooA Kim, Andrew Cohen, Katy Fetrow, Brian Tao, Jeffery Li, Sophie Chen, Sarah Connor, and Lunar Gala