ENGINEER & A1 / Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

Loaded-in with a crew of 2 a system of 32 speakers, a pit for 15 players, and a 32-channel Lectrosonics SSM and Venue 2 wireless rack rental in a one week load-in time and transitioned to mixer for the two week tech period and show run on two consoles: a Midas Heritage 3000 with a Yamaha QL1 sidecar for a band sub-mix. Due to programming time constraints, a go-button was created by the engineer using a contact closure button and Arduino. Finally, the EQ and gain for four channels of the Midas console had to be updated to comply with the double casting combination for each performance. 

Director: Tomé Cousins
Dramaturg: Agatha Woodbury
Sound DesignerScott MacDonald
Scenic Designer: Jamie Phanekham
Costume Designer: Jake Poser
Lighting Designer: Alex Gibson